• Carlos Buendía

    Carlos Buendía

    Blockchain decentralizer. Follow me @carlosbuendiag

  • Jose Bastos

    Jose Bastos

  • Pace Ventures

    Pace Ventures

    We help organisations become more innovative. Love #startups, work predominantly with large corporates.

  • Lucas Mackey

    Lucas Mackey

    Product Manager en Dialogo Media (División de Portales Verticales, I+D y Redes Sociales de @Antevenio). Hablando de Marketing, Cine, TV y... Basket

  • Francesco Facchini

    Francesco Facchini

    Professional @Sharingdaddy and #totalmojo guy. Mi sites are www.francescofacchini.it and www.sharingdaddy.it

  • Joe Ben Slimane

    Joe Ben Slimane

  • Guillermo Beltri

    Guillermo Beltri

    Playing guitar, getting freedom. Currently on 👉 #python #automation #finance #social #chatbots

  • Lean Startup News

    Lean Startup News

    Follow us for the latest #LeanStartup stories, curated by the Twitter community.

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