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  • Rebel Bots Origins

    Rebel Bots Origins

    Rebel Bots the origin tells the untold story of the 10,000 brave Bots and how they have formed the resistance to fight from the shadows against humans.

  • Esther Valero

    Esther Valero

  • Andrea Barber

    Andrea Barber



    Frontier market intelligence company tracking blockchain, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies

  • Guillermo Valderrabano

    Guillermo Valderrabano

  • Jon Pittaluga

    Jon Pittaluga

  • Ruth


  • Franco Gilio

    Franco Gilio

    Co-founder of publica.la, empowering publishers to create sustainable online businesses. OSS enthusiast, code, coffee, podcasts, blogs

  • Manuel Delgado

    Manuel Delgado

    IT, Marketing, Business, Project Management, and Mountain Bike. Co-Founder at Leads Origins

  • Coins & Steel

    Coins & Steel

    Coin & Steel is a fantasy open world multiplayer role-playing game executed completely on blockchain, making extensive use of smart contracts.

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