How to get some extra money on the Internet

Iago Fdez-Cedrón
1 min readApr 1, 2020

Nowadays that we are confined at home, with “plenty of time”, for those who do not have children as I do, we can try to get some extra money on the Internet. Despite there is no huge amount of it, It may help you to buy a beer for some friends or donate to a great good cause, you can decide what to do with it.

Here I list a couple of sites and my referral links, so we both can earn a bit extra:


  • Coinbase: it is a platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in an easy way, you can also earn some watching video tutorials. link get 10$ extra if you buy over 100$.
  • BlockFi: generate interest in your cryptocurrencies. Link
  • Free Litecoin: Android app, faucet to get as its name sais free litecoins. Link

Polls answering

  • Smartme App: Answer quick polls in your mobile and get money, it is in Spanish. Link

NEO Banks

  • Bnext: Get 5€ when you activate your card. Link
  • Revoult: Get a free physical card. Link


  • Lucera: Green energy for your house save on your electricity bill, Spain. And get 3 free fees, Link.
  • Arbor: App that helps you to save money automatically. Link
Iago Fdez-Cedrón

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