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Iago Fdez-Cedrón
2 min readNov 25, 2020

A year ago when I was facing my new role as CEO of Visiona IP I envisaged some of the technologies that will hit hard this 2020. link

I had no idea about the pandemic we were to come across, that have changed a little bit these trends. Let’s check about them:


This year we have seen the commercial deployment of this network in several countries. Here in Spain, the telcos claim they have launched the first version of this kind of network, but it is still far away from the promises on its capabilities. Maybe it is because the first devices have started to be launched in the middle of this year, and we mainly count on smartphones. In the IoT field, we are really at the very beginning.

China and US commercial war on this topic is at its peak.

Artificial Intelligence

Besides this is a buzz word every new project should claim to be working on it. We are seeing a big trend in automatizing processes, great advances on NLP with gpt3.

Autonomous vehicle

This year finally Tesla Motors have launched its FSD autopilot in beta, so we just need to adapt the regulation to boost this kind of technology and prevent several traffic accidents.

Computer vision

Let’s have a look at this 101 on Computer vision. So we can see it is on the base of the main advances that will mould the world we are living at.



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